Tips to create stunning floors with Mixed-Material SPC Flooring

Are you looking to transform your home with a flooring option that’s both durable and visually stunning? Mixed-material SPC floorings are just the answer you’re looking for.

SPC stands for Stone Plastic Composite. Combining strength and style, this trend offers endless design possibilities. Let VOX help you understand what mixed-material SPC flooring is, its benefits, and how to use it to create a stunning home. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Mixed-Material SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring is made from a mix of limestone powder, PVC, and stabilizers. This combination makes it strong and long-lasting. Mixed-material SPC flooring adds more variety by combining different textures and patterns. This way, you can get the look of wood, stone, or tile while enjoying the benefits of SPC.


  1. Durability: SPC flooring is tough. It can resist scratches, dents, and water. This makes it perfect for busy areas and places that often get wet.
  2. Easy to Maintain: Cleaning SPC flooring is simple. A regular sweep and an occasional mop are all it needs. It’s waterproof flooring design means you don’t have to worry about spills and stains.
  3. Looks Great: Mixing different materials and patterns gives you endless design options. You can create a unique look that fits your home perfectly.
  4. Comfortable and Quiet: SPC flooring often comes with a built-in underlayment. This makes it comfortable to walk on and helps reduce noise in your home.

Design Tips with Mixed-Material SPC Flooring:

Here are some tips from VOX on using mixed-material SPC flooring to add visual appeal to your home.

1. Mix Colors and Shades

An easy way to make your floor stand out is by mixing different colors and shades of SPC planks. You can choose colors that complement each other or create a bold contrast. For instance, combining light and dark wood-look planks can add depth and character to your room.

2. Add Patterns

Patterns can take your flooring to the next level. Think about using herringbone or brick patterns. These designs can make your floor look simple and unique.

3. Combine Textures

Mixing different textures can add a multi-dimensional look to your floor. SPC flooring can mimic natural materials like wood, stone, and tile. Pairing wood-look planks with stone-look tiles can create a striking and engaging floor.

4. Use Borders and Inlays

Borders and inlays can give your flooring a personal touch. You can use contrasting planks to create borders around the room or add different patterns within the floor. This technique is great for larger spaces where you want to define areas or create focal points.

Installation Tips:

Before you start designing your next visually striking home floorings, here are some VOX tips to ensure a hassle free experience in creating your dream space.   

  1. Plan Your Design: Before you start, plan your design. Sketch it out to make sure you have the right materials and quantities. Think about the direction of the planks and how they will fit into your room.
  2. Use Quality Adhesive: A good adhesive is key for a secure and lasting installation. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best results.
  3. Consider Hiring a Professional: If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, hire a professional installer. They can ensure your mixed-material SPC flooring is installed correctly and looks great.
  4. Acclimate the Flooring: Let your SPC planks get used to the room’s temperature and humidity before installation. This helps prevent expansion and contraction after they are installed.


Get inspired with these VOX Ideas 

Need some inspiration for your next flooring design? Here are a few VOX design ideas to get you started:

  • Modern Elegance: Combine dark wood-look planks with light stone-look tiles for a modern and chic look. A herringbone pattern can add even more flair.
  • Rustic Charm: Mix distressed wood-look planks with warm, earthy tones. Add a border or inlay with a different texture to add to the rustic feel.
  • Contemporary Cool: Blend gray and white planks in a chevron pattern for a sleek, contemporary style. Metallic accents can add more visual appeal.

Feeling inspired to replace your floorings with mixed-material SPC flooring? Whether you’re aiming for modern elegance, rustic charm, or contemporary cool, mixed-material SPC flooring can bring your ideas to life. So why wait? With VOX flooring designs, design a floor that’s as unique and beautiful as your home today! 

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