VOX aims to revolutionise India’s architectural landscape

A COMPANY from Poland, with a rich international portfolio and 30-year legacy, has set its sights on India, bringing a unique blend of aesthetics and sustainability to the forefront. In the last five years, VOX has made its mark in 40 countries globally.

The company’s strategy in India centers on customization, specifically tailoring its extensive range of interior ceiling design and exterior ceiling design products to meet the unique needs and preferences of the Indian market. They introduced their product ranges incrementally, closely monitoring market responses and gathering feedback from architects and builders. Based on these insights, they customized their portfolio to better suit the Indian market.

exterior false ceiling design
false ceiling designs

The company’s focus in India revolves around customisation and adapting its extensive product range to the needs and preferences of the Indian market. The Company started bringing their product ranges down one by one and started observing how the market response was – what the architects and the builders preferred and subsequently, customised the portfolio for India.

The core focus in India has been on ceiling and flooring products, with a keen understanding of the gap in the market. Ceiling products, flooring products — there is a certain gap in the Indian market currently, and these products did better than the other products.

Highlighting the vision, the aim is to become a one-stop solution for all interior and exterior design products with a focus on providing extremely good quality to the Indian customer.

The company’s commitment to quality and value for money is evident as the company believes that the Indian customer wants quality but value for money too. Here to provide all product ranges, keeping these two as a core belief of how to provide the maximum value for money and good quality to our customers.

Presence in the hospitality industry, insights into completed and ongoing projects. Mentions collaborations with renowned hotel chains and highlights their success in projects like Ginger Hotels in Bengaluru.

In the realm of sustainability, highlighted the company’s commitment to environmentally responsible products. The products are aesthetically appealing to the customers and prioritise making environmentally responsible products and 100% recyclable.

Unveiling exciting plans, including the development of a facade system that requires no substructure. At advanced levels of testing these products currently, and by mid-next year, able to launch these facade products which will require no sub-assembly installation.

This untold story of a Polish interior ceiling design company making waves in the Indian market symbolises the journey of quality, sustainability and innovation in the arena of interior and exterior ceiling design. 

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