World Design Day 2024 embraces ‘Kindness in Design’

As the World Design Day 2024 was celebrated across the globe on April 27, importance of sustainable designs has come to the fore. The design is the intricate part of any project which serves as a guide for implementation. As they say, a good start is like half done, the process of designing gives a good start for a project. On the occasion of World Design Day, Tejaswini Paranjape delves into the minds of designers who bridge the realms of business and benevolence, exploring how they infuse kindness into their designs while navigating the intricate landscape of commerce since the theme for the year 2024 celebrates ‘kindness’. Through their insights, she unearths the transformative potential of design, where profitability converges with purpose, and compassion becomes a cornerstone of creativity.

As Steve Jobs rightly said that design is not what is looks like or feels like, but it is how it works. Vaishali Shah, Deputy General Manager, Design Godrej Interio, explains how they incorporate kindness into their practices to create soulful spaces. She says, “At Godrej Interio, we celebrate the essence of kindness in design, transcending mere aesthetics to create spaces that resonate with compassion and purpose. Our approach revolves around uplifting, empowering, and fostering connections within our spaces, prioritizing user well-being and adaptability. Drawing inspiration from Indian heritage, we infuse cultural richness into our designs, nurturing a profound sense of belonging resonating the modern Indian homes.

Sustainability lies at the core of our ethos, driving conscious design choices to minimize our environmental footprint. Budding designers should embrace creativity while staying attuned to human needs and cultural nuances. Let kindness illuminate your design journey, weaving together innovation, sustainability, and empathy to sculpt a future where beauty is inseparable from benevolence. Together, let us craft spaces that not only captivate the eye but also nourish the soul with warmth and compassion”, adds Shah.

VOX India has yet another compassionate story to tell. As a core designer, he thinks beyond profits and immensely contributes for sustainability. At a very young age has made remarkable achievements in creating most celebrated products that have made their presence very strong in commercial arena. Talking about his creative experience, he says, “At VOX, our commitment to integrating kindness into designs resonates through spaces that nurture well-being and inclusivity. From utilizing eco-friendly materials across ceilings, wall panels, flooring, and facade systems to prioritize environmental harmony, to crafting accessible spaces for all abilities, and infusing natural light and greenery to uplift mental health, our ethos is clear: design with purpose. In our latest ventures within commercial realms, we spearhead innovation, fusing cutting-edge technology with sustainable practices. Picture smart offices, where internet of things (IoT) devices optimize energy usage and enhance employee comfort, or envision retail spaces transformed through Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality (VR/ AR) for immersive experiences. Embracing flexible work environments, we champion remote collaboration and hybrid models. Upholding sustainability, we advocate for recycled materials, energy-efficient designs, and waste reduction strategies. As mentors, we urge aspiring designers to embrace continual learning, user-centric approaches, and mindful consideration of social and environmental impacts. This World Design Day, VOX stands as a beacon, guiding the next generation towards a future where design enriches lives and preserves our planet.”

When asked about what advice she would like to give to the young aspiring designers on the World Design Day, she said, “To all aspiring designers, we would advise to embrace the ethos of kindness by carefully considering the long-term environmental and societal effects of creative endeavours. Designs hold the power to positively impact not only the lives of people but also the well-being of our planet.” To conclude, let us unite in a pledge to craft a life of beauty within the canvas of creativity, nurturing it with the gentle touch of kindness. Together, let our designs not only shape the world but also illuminate the path to a brighter, more compassionate future!

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