5 Interior Decor Tips and Ideas to give your Home a Stunning Festive Makeover

Let’s explore innovative ways to deck the halls, redefine cosy corners, and craft an ambience that captures the spirit of the festivities like never before.

The festive season is just round the corner, which means that there will soon be plenty of occasions to invite friends and family over for get-togethers and celebrations. Needless to say, homeowners will soon be actively on the lookout for ways to spruce up their homes in time. A thorough clean-up of your house, particularly areas that are not attended to on a regular basis, is only the first step towards making it festival-ready. Elevating your spaces through creative interior décor ideas will add an auspicious sparkle to your home.

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If you’re uncertain about how to get started with giving your home a festive makeover, here are a few ideas that should help:

Add ethnic elements to your spaces
A simple but powerful way to give your interiors a festive look is by displaying items with ethnic designs or motifs. Cushions and pillows are among the usual interior décor favourites, so you can add cushions with elements such as mirror work or colourful embroidery. Ethnic printed rugs, carpets and runners will also be apt for the occasion. Placing ethnic home decorations on a wooden table will also provide your home with great, traditional feel.

Beautify your kitchen and dining areas
Feasts and lunch/dinner parties are an important part of festive celebrations. Beyond preparing delectable dishes and treats, you should also focus on elevating your kitchen and dining areas. A well-set and decorated table will beautifully complement your delicious festive meals. The right cutlery, bunches of flowers, and sprigs on the napkin holders will definitely add to your table’s visual appeal. Floating candles in glass bowls filled with water make for a perfect centrepiece.When it comes to your kitchen, it is best to let sunlight enter the space. Picture sheers and long panels in vibrant colours are preferable for your windows than cumbersome and heavy draperies.

Pay attention to the ceilings
Do not neglect the ‘fifth wall’ of your home – the ceiling – while planning your festive makeover. Traditionally, wooden ceilings have provided interior spaces with an ethnic feel, and this look can be recreated with minimal effort through false Soffit ceilings. These false ceilings can be easily installed or removed and do not come with many of the maintenance-related difficulties of real wooden ceilings. False ceilings are available in a wide range of other finishes and designs and may also include ethnic motifs.

Painting a low ceiling white can also enhance your interiors by giving the impression of your room being taller than it is. Hanging drapes higher than the windows will also help create this optical illusion.

Set the right tone with lighting
Lighting plays a key role in any festive celebration, like Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri followed by the Festival of Lights itself – Diwali! Traditionally, Diwali diyas are lit up with oil, ghee or wax; but LED diyas and lamps add a modern twist to your festive decor. You can place a row of LED diyas on your terrace, balcony, entrances or front porch. Strings of dancing fairy lights around windows and pillars are another great option.For an added traditional touch to your home, you can use earthen lamps with cotton wicks, and surround them with flower petals.

false ceiling design for balcony
exterior false ceiling

Brighten up your balcony
An enclosed balcony is also part of your home’s interiors and shouldn’t be left unadorned when you’re welcoming guests during the festive season. Fairy lights will give your balcony the required festive glow, while additional decorations, such as cut-outs of stars and birds, and origami plants further add a striking element to the space.

When the right lightning, decorations, and other interior elements come together, your home will achieve the perfect festive look – allowing you to play the proud host during the joyous celebrations that lie ahead!


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