Architect Ashiesh Shah Inspire – VOX Ceiling

On the recent interview of Mr. Ashiesh Shah, he is an architect and interior designer based out of Mumbai. According to him, design is a sacred process that allows him to connect more deeply to what he want out of space.

There is no right or wrong in this avenue just better options and fits. When designing the architecture of space, it’s very important to keep in mind a few things functionality, materiality, color, and form. And this is amalgamation of all of that makes a perfect space for him.

On one of his recent project, he discovered VOX soffit ceiling panels where he came to know how it could make his clients meets and requirements.

Ceilings are an Important Part of Interior and Exterior Design

Ceilings are as important as walls and floors and sometimes overlooked. But they can tie up a space together very well as well as give it the finishing touch of wooden which is quite natural. He says, “I love using VOX because their range and styles can cater to any design and fit seamlessly to the chosen tonality of the house.”

These panels are great because apart from giving the aesthetic value that a space needs, they’re completely maintenance proof. The clients are glad with its amazing specifications as they’re weatherproof, waterproof, and termite proof.

Moreover, these panels are also fire retardant and so they help in the safety of your house, which is really important for all the clients.

VOX soffit ceilingsprove to be a long lasting alternative to a typical wooden or gypsum ceiling. Time is key to finish a project, and it’s amazing how this product is really quick and easy to install. He really enjoyed experimenting with this product. And now you too can source this product exclusively from VOX Interiors.

The video refers to his testimonial on his experience with VOX.


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