Best False Design for Your Homes

Our homes are where our hearts belong. And for all of us, building a house that is comfy, welcoming, has an appealing interior design, and is filled with warmth is a driving goal that strives us to do better in our lives. Or even if we are buying a roof or building, converting it into a sanctuary that will shelter our soul is the next crucial aspect of this process. Getting a roof and then elaborating the interior design (decorating the walls, choosing color tones, and adding accessories and furniture) to make your place more comfortable are the topmost prioritized steps we meticulously follow to connect with the place emotionally and make our homes feel like ours.

But does it end here?


Vox False ceilings

Your ceiling design is as crucial as your walls and garden. They also contribute to a significant part of your interior design and architecture.

Your home’s interior ceiling designs reflect your personality and add an extra depth to your home. You can let your inner emotions out and express them by exploring your creativity and imagination through the luxurious ceiling and false ceiling designs. These ceiling designs give your place and roof a classy feeling and help you break the stereotype that roofs are flat elements with nothing to offer.

People are now eyeing various products to add personality and charm to their roofs by choosing clever, classy, innovative ceiling designs. And amidst the different interior ceiling patterns available in the market, the false ceiling design is the top trending and dominating shark in this vast ocean.

But before proceeding ahead, let us first understand the concept of a false ceiling.

What is a false ceiling design?

A false ceiling is a form of ceiling design that are secondary roof or ceiling hung below the primary ceiling either by suspension struts or cords—often known as dropped or suspended ceilings; we have these room ceilings made from multiple elements and materials, like plaster of Paris (POP), asbestos sheet, gypsum board, wood, aluminum panels, etc.

They amplify the overall setting of our rooms and add multi-dimensional layers and aesthetic appeal to our homes. Also, they leave a long-lasting impression of your taste, aesthetics, and lifestyle on your guests and your personal life as a whole.

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False Ceiling Designs

Reasons why you should choose VOX Room Ceilings

A false ceiling by VOX comes with numerous benefits.

● It reduces echo and hides the wiring system, ducts, and other structural elements.
● It can work as a heat insulator.
● It provides ventilation and openings to help the moisture escape.
● It allows easy lighting installations by hiding the cables and ensuring a smooth finish.
● They are readily available, easy to maintain, cost-effective, and come in various colors, designs, and patterns, thus giving us a broad choice spectrum.

Some False Ceiling Design Ideas to beautify your Home

Modern false ceiling design
If you are looking for a refined and stylish look, the modern false ceiling can be your ideal choice! The cutouts in this interior ceiling design come in numerous colors, sizes, and unique shapes, making your roof more appealing and eye-catching. You can also choose to ventilate your ceiling or light up the entire place using these cutouts.

Floating bedroom false ceiling
If you want your bedroom to have a more high-class and luxurious appearance, you can choose to go with the concept of a floating bedroom false ceiling design. It constitutes the bare minimum of elements and has an overall stunning external appearance. You can choose to add fans and attractive LEDs to create the presence of a gentle light in the space, thus making it appear as if your ceiling is floating in midair!

Multi-layer false luxurious ceiling
Layers are a bonus in everything. It adds to the feeling of grandeur and royalty to the room and space. To enhance its charm and design, you can set up new avenues, colors, lighting, and shapes to bring out the best results and a dramatic overtone in your ceiling. And you can experiment with different ceiling design layers to create the impression of a false luxurious ceiling in your home.


Nowadays, everyone, even celebrities are, opting to pick false ceiling designs to decorate their homes and make them feel more comfortable and high in quality.

The infratop room ceiling designs come in several features like enhancing the acoustics, providing thermal comfort, and creating a charming and visually stunning appeal to your rooms and house. And the VOX ceilings are making a statement by standing out in the market and delivering top-notch, flawless, and terrific interior and exterior ceiling design services to their patrons.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this opportunity and get a VOX ceiling to beautify your home with an extra touch of grandeur and luxurious ceiling furnishings today!

Imagine yourself sipping a hot cup of coffee or your favorite beverage on the terrace or balcony close to mother nature on a sunny day or under the spells of a starry night, with your beautifully furnished ceiling design as your company. Sounds optimistic, blissful, and cheerful, isn’t it?

And that’s right; we guarantee that this marvelous setup with well-crafted false ceiling designs will cheer you up like nothing else!

VOX Ceiling

The VOX ceiling design company in India is one of the best infratop ceiling designs, providing innovative and well-detailed interior ceiling design services to their valued customers. They deploy several tests and redesigning to ensure that their products have the minutest details displayed in full bloom with no room for errors in design or pattern miscalculations.

And these factors make the VOX ceiling stand out from the other false ceiling designs offered in the Indian market.

You can use VOX ceiling ideas to remunerate your interior and exterior roofs and ceilings, such as bedroom, terrace roof, bathroom, balcony, living room, etc. These room ceilings come with a click system and panel-by-panel assembly that makes them easy to set up and maintain in the long run. And they are also safe for children and provide you shelter and comfort from all weather and climatic conditions throughout the year.


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