False Ceiling Design Trend in Decor

Homes are our sanctuary. The best place that can be! One where we find our comfort, spend those precious moments with our family, where all our worries are put to rest and a space where one sleeps like a baby!

Now, to get the maximum from our homes, one really needs to take care about all the aspects involved in converting a house to a home. One that transforms from a mere space made of bricks to a cosy, warm abode.

Not only the four walls but the roof over our head is equally important. Gone are the days of plain boring ceilings. Let us go beyond that! After a tiring day’s work, when we lounge on the sofa in the living room and look up, let the ceiling uplift your mood.

So let me take you into the world of false ceilings. The first question that arises in our mind is what are false ceilings?

Vox False ceilings

False ceilings in simple terms are secondary ceilings hung below the main ceiling. They can also be called drop ceilings. These are not only functional but are equally decorative. They help in concealing the unnecessary mess of wires and ducts, sound proofing and in conserving energy. Very much in trend and highly recommended by interior design specialists and architects.

False ceiling design in the markets nowadays are many and these ceiling designs can cast a spell on you, so let us look at how these false ceilings can be incorporated in our spaces.

Some décor trends where false ceiling fits in like a glove :-

The contemporary clean look. A ceiling may not be visible at the first glance but an area where a false ceiling is installed vs the absence of one definitely shows a world of difference. If you are the minimalist type, install a false ceiling in a lighter or neutral shade. White false ceilings have a timeless appeal. They also reflect light and creates the illusion of depth, thus making the space seem larger.

False ceiling designs in the living rooms also gives a very luxurious feel.

Concealed lighting within the false ceilings ensures an enhanced as well as cosy vibes. All the ac ducts, wirings are well hidden behind the false ceiling panels and the contemporary look is maintained well.

At the same time in an all- white space, contrast steals the show too! Imagine a modern home with dark- coloured ceilings. This helps in balancing the look and feel of the space lending the much- needed warmth at the same time.

Cheerful décor. Colour is most sought after in a kid’s room. Here we need to prioritize warmth and love over minimalism. A pop of colour with the help of false ceiling and fancy lights can provide both and make it a fun and relaxing space.

Moody and dramatic feel. There are many who feel black and dark tones add drama to a room. Well, yes why not? It may not be everyone cup of tea but those who can manage, do it like a pro!

false ceiling design for home

In such a setting, dark coloured false ceiling does well with all the other elements taken care off.

The charm of wall papers, suspended hanging lights along with the false ceilings shall give a bold and striking effect. Interior designers suggest to try this look of false ceilings in a specific area such as the lounging area.

Grey Undertones. The love for grey and shades of grey in decor has multiplied over the years. Experiment with grey ceilings in your study area. Grey seamlessly blends in with the rest of the décor and makes your reading time an enjoyable experience.

Traditional wood feel. There is no denying the fact that false ceiling can mimic the look good factor of wood to a large extent. The traditional and ethnic vibe associated with wood can be easily achieved with these false ceiling without actually having to install one. This naturally means that one need not take weather and other requisites that one must ensure with real wood ceiling. Wooden false ceilings have always been a craze in most Indian homes.

The combo look. Have you ever gazed at ceilings where there is a dual effect and marveled at the idea? Now you can achieve that too.

Dark and light coloured false ceiling in combination has an understated elegance. Living rooms are ideal for such installations in false ceiling designs.

Extended areas such as balconies, swimming pool area are the other exterior spaces where false ceilings should be experimented for bringing in warmth and to create a seamless flow of energy.

After going through these points, don’t you agree that ceilings have a very prominent role to play in your décor game? Make informed choices and create the home of your dreams with false ceilings.

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