Ceilings that Make a Statement

Ceilings that make a statement
Building a home and creating a cosy, warm space for oneself is one of the most natural progressions in a man’s life. After buying a house, converting it into a home of his dreams is the next step. Simply put, a home is built of four walls and a roof. And let me tell you, the roof over your head isn’t just a necessity element! The ceiling of your home conveys a lot about the people who live under it.

For ages, the ceilings of our homes have been ignored. The flat and simple ceilings have now fallen wayside. People nowadays are eyeing on products that make the typical flat ceiling look attractive and give their homes a classy feel. Painting the ceiling or using a wallpaper too is paase’.

So here comes what is popularly called as false ceilings!

What and why a false ceilings?

False ceilings are often secondary ceilings that are hung below the main ceiling with the help of suspension cords or struts. These ceilings are crafted from a wide range of materials such as POP (plaster of Paris), gypsum board, asbestos sheets, particle board, aluminum panel, wood etc. They are also known as dropped ceiling or suspended ceiling.

False ceilings have a number of benefits. The first on the list definitely, is enhancement in the aesthetic appeal but this benefit is just the tip of an iceberg as there are a whole lot of benefits that false ceiling provides. Few of them are listed below:

  1. It hides structural elements and ducts that come in the way of aesthetics.
  2. It reduces echo, especially in places like auditorium and theatres.
  3. Works as a heat insulator.
  4. All the wiring can be concealed underneath the false ceilings.

5. Lighting system can be supported beneath the false ceilings.

6. Acts as an anti-microbial element (required specially in health care centres, hospitals and clinics).

7. False ceiling can also act as a fire separator if the material used in making ceiling tiles are mineral fibre or fire rated wood panels.

Now that we understand the need for false ceilings, it is important to choose a false ceiling that keeps the requirement of every individual as its prime concern. At VOX, the focus of the brand is on people, their needs and values. Psychologist, sociologists and anthropologists have come together to design solutions, that supports the customers in designing their own special space.

How is VOX different from the other false ceilings offered in the Indian market?

VOX offers the innovative infratop ceiling system, taking care of the minutest details before offering it to their valued customers.

Vox infratop ceiling system

This is a new quality in the finishing of ceilings that can be incorporated both inside the home and for the outside spaces. They come in panel designs with assembly of each panel managed by the click system.

Area of application: VOX ceilings are meant for interiors as well as exteriors. They are ideal for your living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies and terrace in homes.

VOX ceilings in balconies and terrace

Imagine having your favourite morning cuppa amidst nature… a gentle breeze blowing and with the birds chirping. It can be a starry night too or an evening spent in good company under a roof that gives protection and comfort from all kinds of weather condition. VOX ceiling ensures safety for your kids while the adults enjoy a good time.

Ceilings ideal for home spaces, café & boutique

Since VOX ceilings can be fitted with numerous lighting points, they give you a very pleasant atmosphere.

The wood finished panels ensure an earthy warm appeal to your interiors. Have these ceilings installed in your living area or bedroom to create the desired ambience and set the mood for day and night.

Features of VOX ceilings

Colour of the false ceiling: Unicolour and natural wood like.

White, brown and graphite are the three colours offered in the unicolour range.

Natural wood like colours come in three finishes like the Winchester oak, golden oak and walnut. These panels from the nature collection are made using thermal printing technology. This technique ensures resistance to mechanical damage and sunlight.

Ventilation. VOX ceilings are perforated and have openings which ensure good ventilation and easy escape of moisture. They are well protected against fungi and molds too. Additionally, the shape of these panels is such that they keep insects such as bumblebee, wasps and hornets at bay!

Futuristic investment. False ceilings add aesthetics, is an established fact. To go with this and make an investment the other features to be considered are that it is quick, easy to install and maintain, resistant to weather & biological corrosion and therefore cost effective.

Lighting needs. Infratop allows lighting to be installed in its panels, hiding all cables, which gives a neat finish to the ceiling.

Other salient features. The product is lightweight, durable and maintenance free. A well thought of design, lesser installation time due to the click system, lower operating costs are some more features of the Infratop ceiling system from VOX. It acts as the perfect alternative to bulky wooden ceilings. A 10 year warranty from VOX is another feather on to its cap.

Choice of celebrities. Recently, Gauri khan interior designer and wife of popular actor Shahrukh Khan had VOX infratop ceiling installed in her home.

The infratop ceilings thus have multiple feathers to their cap right from improving the acoustics and thermal comfort of the room to all the other features we discussed above. Ornamentation and functionality go hand in hand with VOX ceilings. Rightly so, these ceilings definitely make a statement!

Be smart, install false ceilings from VOX.


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