Infratop Ceiling System – It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

Generally, the ceiling is the first thing that catches your eye when you enter a room. The trend of flat slabs has fallen, increasing the demand for false ceilings for the interior of our homes. It is a type of artificial roof made up of different materials and widely used in rooms to enhance their appearance.

Adding a false ceiling to your home becomes an integral part of the construction process. Everyone dreams of having a high-quality interior design in their own home.

VOX Ceiling

It’s no secret that interiors and false ceilings are becoming more popular nowadays. Good false ceilings designs make a great impression and add aesthetic beauty to a home, making it an attractive place to live.

While there are various types of false ceilings on the market, it is very difficult to choose the best and most budget-friendly one. Most people don’t know how to choose the best false ceiling at an affordable price because of a lack of knowledge. If you need false ceilings for the living room, a VOX Infratop ceiling system is an excellent choice.

What Is VOX Infratop Ceiling System?

VOX Infratop ceiling system provides an aesthetic finish to ceilings and roofs in a practical and hassle-free way. There is no need to maintain the panels because they are waterproof and prevent insects from entering.

Besides, it features a click system for quick and easy installation, as well as perforations for proper ventilation.

Infratop panels can be fitted with a wide array of lighting points and there are two color collections available including Unicolor and Nature.

It can be used for indoor & outdoor application both.

Infratop Ceiling System – Why Choose VOX Ceiling?

All products at VOX are made from high-quality materials and are durable. In order to meet the needs of new-age customers, the products are designed to keep customer needs at the center.

This Soffit Infratop offers high-quality ceilings through a patented, innovative system. It is easy to use and designed to be functional and aesthetic. It is convenient to use and it is an economical alternative to wooden and metal soffits both indoors and outdoors.

Seasonal changes affect housing in many ways. It is also important to consider false ceilings when building a home at the moment. Therefore, Infratop Soffit is an excellent alternative to PVC ceilings since it’s made from polyvinyl and is 100% waterproof.

Why Is The Infratop Ceiling Better Than Other Ceilings?

Ceilings made of PVC are valued for their practical properties. False ceilings are very durable and can withstand changing weather conditions very well, such as rain, snow, wind, or sun.

They are resistant to mechanical impact and biological corrosion caused by algae, fungi, and bacteria.

In contrast to natural wood, the Infratop ceiling lining does not need to be maintained on a regular basis.

Furthermore, they are lightweight, which facilitates self-assembly and does not overburden the roof structure.

By adding this luxurious false ceiling to the roof, you can conceal system components, such as wiring. You will also be able to extend the durability of the rafters and other roof structural components.

Alternatively, you can also install exterior ceiling lights, which will give the household members a sense of security, illuminate the terrace, and enhance the beauty of the building’s facade and immediate surroundings.

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