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A home is not just a place to live in but an emotion. Creating a place that is your safe space, where you are at your most vulnerable self, is not a luxury but a necessity. After a tiring, long, monotonous, and hectic day, one looks for solace. What better than creating it at your own house?

One of a man’s most apparent advancements in life is to build a house and provide a cozy, comfortable place for himself. The next stage after purchasing a property is transforming it into the house of his aspirations. A house is made up of four walls and a roof, to put it simply. And let me tell you, putting a roof over your head goes beyond need! Your home’s ceiling reveals a great deal about the individuals there.

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When we talk about walls, regardless of the color, the fifth wall or ceiling stayed obscure for decades; it had always been white. Plain, uninteresting ceilings are gradually disappearing from view and memory with the introduction of hardwood false ceiling design. A hardwood fake ceiling is becoming more popular since it can be made to seem as vintage or as contemporary as you choose.

In terms of aesthetic appeal and environmental friendliness, nothing tops wood. For this reason, wooden ceilings are rapidly spreading in popularity as a design element for home interiors. Wooden false ceilings come in a wide variety and are simple to install. There are many different modern wooden false ceiling design alternatives available at VOX ceiling if the thought of having a wooden ceiling appeals to you

Let’s not keep the ceiling white and look at what can be done-

What are the pros of installing a wooden ceiling from VOX?

Before knowing about the most fantastic layouts for your apartment, let’s look at a few benefits of a hardwood ceiling design.

  • The spherical fake ceiling design could be painted in any color that best suits you.
  • Wooden luxurious false ceiling designs are long-lasting.
  • You will be spoiled for choice because there are so many different natural motifs and textures possible for timber ceiling designs.
  • Thanks to the widespread usage of wood in imitation wooden ceiling designs, it is also quite adaptable. It is blended with other substances such as POP, glass, metal, gypsum, etc. For an added touch of refinement, you could also pick materials like melamine, lacquers, laminates, naturally varnished wood, and CPL.
  • The ease of installation of hardwood fake ceiling designs is a practical benefit. Today, you may get pre-built, fitted models that require only the use of screws and nails to attach to the ceiling.
  • Along with improving your house’s appearance, it offers several practical advantages. Modern false ceiling designs for hallways or even offices are a terrific solution to hide the maze of ventilation ducts, pipes, and electrical wires.
Vox False ceilings

Why Select a Wooden False Ceiling versus other Ceiling Types?

We’re not shocked if Plaster of Paris’s fake ceilings have captured your attention. These come in a greater variety of colors and patterns. A word of warning, though: POP may never be the essential choice if you reside in a moist location. Your POP false ceiling, as opposed to a wooden one, will eventually collect water and droop. POP is also less durable than wood and more vulnerable to harm. While hardwood planks are simple to repair, restoring your POP artificial ceiling will be challenging.

The naturally occurring substance gypsum, composed of calcium sulphate dihydrate, is another choice for a fake ceiling component. Gypsum boards made with it are utilized to make artificial ceilings with gypsum. Gypsum is very cost-effective and sturdy, but because it takes up more space, it is only utilized in spaces with high ceilings. Gypsum is incapable of being shaped, unlike wood. It also has a tendency to retain water.

In a Nutshell

Do you still have doubts about the VOX wooden ceiling? Be it a historical or modern home, select your color and design confidently.

Thus, wooden ceilings provide several benefits beyond only enhancing the room’s acoustics and the comfort of the occupants. With VOX ceilings, ornamentation and utility go hand in hand. It’s understandable—these ceilings are pretty striking! VOX ceilings may be used to make a statement.

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